Board President: Judy Scott
Vice President: Bob Harris
Treasurer: Kaye Massie
Secretary: Joe Morris
PIO: Susan Odette
Jenny Rice, Margie Benson

Guests: Mel Armstrong, Amber Hoff

Meeting was called to order at 1:04 pm by Judy Scott, with a quorum of the Board present.

Secretary's Report - Joe Morris

* Minutes from April 27, 2020 submitted.

Motion to approve minutes as amended by: Kaye Massie. Motion seconded by: Judy Scott Yay's 6 Nay's 0. Motion accepted.

Treasurer's Report: Kaye Massie

* Current balance is $854.53. Two bills to be paid. PO Box for $80.00 and Chamber of Commerce Dues $105.00. Discussion: Bob Harris strongly disagrees with continuing to pay Chamber of Commerce Dues. Feels as though they have not been an asset for the NMCV.

Motion to pay PO Box and Chamber of Commerce by Judy Scott. Second: Jenny Rice. Yay's 5 Nay's 1. Motion approved.

Motion to approve Treasurer's Report by: Judy Scott. Motion seconded by: Jenny Rice. Yay's 5 Nay's 1

PIO's Report: Susan Odette

* Nothing new to report as Covid has had everything shut down. Moing forward, Susan will keep Facebook page up to date, meeting dates and times will be reported in the Belfair Bugle, North Bay Review and Shelton Journal. There will also be an email reminder.

Other Business:

* Bob Harris feels as though the NMCV is not what it used to be and wants to see it folded up. Other board members feel that now is not the time to make that decision due to the current Covid crisis.

* Topic ideas for community meetings: new school mechanics in light of Covid. Sports. WSDOT information.

New Business:

* Due to Covid, the annual election of Board members was postponed from May to August. Bob Harris resigned effective immediately from the board, leaving a vacancy for Vice President. Joe Morris stepped down from Board Secretary but remains as a Board member. Amber Hoff was tentatively added to board as Board Secretary and Mel Armstrong was tentatively added as a Board member. These two appointments to be put up for elections in August meeting of NMCV members.

Next Meeting Date/Place/Time: August 24th, 2020 at 2:00 pm, Belfair State Park.

Board Meeting Adjourned at 2:19 pm.

Respectfully Submitted By: Amber M. Hoff (on behalf of Joe Morris). Approved by Board 8/24/2020.