North Mason Community Voice

Board: Lee Swoboda, Kaye Massie, Jack Kimball, Valerie McLeod, Bob Harris, Linnie Griffin, Danielle Skeeters-Lindsey

Directors not present: Margie Benson, Ken VanBuskirk, Judy Scott, Beau Bakken

Audience: 23

The business meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chair, Lee Swoboda, with a quorum of the Board present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. Afterward, everyone introduced themselves.

Secretary's Report – Margie Benson
In Margie’s absence, Lee asked for approval of the February 25 meeting minutes.

Linnie moved to approve the minutes, as distributed to the membership via email. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report - Jack Kimball
• All bills are paid and there is $1,382.21 in the bank account.

Kaye moved to approve the Treasurer's report. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Public Information Officer (PIO) Report – Ken VanBuskirk
Bob Harris said Ken is at another meeting. There is no report.

Nominating Committee report – Valerie McLeod
Five board members’ terms expire this May. They are Margie Benson, Linnie Griffin, Kaye Massie, Judy Scott and Lee Swoboda. All but Margie Benson are willing to run again. Gerry Morrow has expressed an interest in serving on the board. Any other current members who are interested in serving on the board should call Valerie at 360-275-8602 or email her at mcleodvalerie@yahoo.com.

Business meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.


The Future Farmers of America (FFA) Club of the North Mason School District gave a brief presentation. Michelle Carter, club advisor and teacher at the high school said there are about 3,000 members of FFA around the state. About 7 to 10 students are in the local club. Carter teaches agriculture, horticulture and AP Environmental Studies classes. Club members raise money to attend FFA conventions. Some raise livestock to show at county fairs, while others study plants and landscaping. FFA is in its third year at North Mason High School.
Two articles were published by the Kitsap Sun on the program:
* 6/22/2012: “North Mason High School FFA students focus on leadership skills” (kitsapsun.com/news/2012/jun/22/north-mason-high-school-ffa-students-focus-leaders/).
* 4/1/2013: “North Mason students learn the science of raising animals” (kitsapsun.com/news/2013/apr/01/north-mason-students-learn-the-science-of/#axzz2PKNQOxGJ).

GUEST SPEAKER: Christina Kramer, Outreach Manager of Mason Transit (masontransit.org/).
Kramer and others from Mason Transit provided shopping bags filled with literature, bus schedules, pens and refrigerator magnets for all the attendees.
* There are ten bus routes in Mason County, and within Mason County bus service is free to everyone.
* The services provided are posted here: masontransit.org/tservices/tservices.html. 
* There are no eligibility requirements for Dial-A-Ride in Mason County and is available for everyone to use. Their call center does require a minimum of at least 2 hours in advance of a pick-up. Call 360.427.5033 or toll free 800.374.3747.
* Mason Transit received a federal block grant to renovate the old armory on Franklin Street in Shelton as a transportation hub and community center. The local funding requirement is 20%, which comes from sales tax collection. Read about their plans here: masontransit.org/community/ctransctr.html.


Mason County Commissioner Randy Neatherlin said a press release has been issued announcing plans to establish a Belfair Sewer Advisory Committee (co.mason.wa.us/news_releases/2013/belfair_sewer_03252013.pdf).

Rob Drexler moved to take advantage of the opportunity to have NMCV apply to participate on this committee. The motion was seconded and approved by majority vote.

Herb Gerhardt moved that the president of NMCV apply to represent NMCV on the committee. The motion was seconded and approved by majority vote.

Lee and Valerie pointed out that after the May election Lee may no longer by the Chair or President of NMCV.

Herb Gerhardt then moved that Lee Swoboda apply to serve on the committee representing NMCV. The motion was seconded and approved by majority vote.


John Campbell and Mike Young spoke about the NMSD construction bond. Ballots are due April 23, 2013. The bond will provide a new high school and refurbish the old high school, which will then house the middle school. It will also provide a covered play area at Sand Hill Elementary and move the current covered play area at Belfair Elementary further away from State Route 3. Buildings only have a certain amount of life and were not configured to the current method of teaching using high-tech computers and such. The total bond cost is $1.13 per $1,000 of property value. Since the current Capital Levy tax is expiring this year, there would only be a 69-cent increase over current taxes if the bond is approved by 60% of voters. Property taxes would increase in January 2014. Mike Young said there is a Facebook page called “Citizens for North Mason Schools” where people can get more information, and he also said people could call him at 360-265-4941.

Discussion of serving dinner at the May annual meeting. Randy volunteered to make spaghetti. He also said U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer expressed interest in attending. Randy will invite Derek Kilmer.

Since the May meeting date falls on Memorial Day, Kaye moved to change the meeting date from May 27 to May 20 and have a spaghetti dinner. The motion was seconded and passed by majority vote.

[NOTE: Mary Swoboda has confirmed the May 20 date with the Masonic Lodge.]

Meeting reports/Upcoming meetings
* Hospital District 2 meeting Tuesday, March 26.
* Belfair Water District meeting Tuesday, March 26.

Next meeting Monday, April 22.
Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Submitted by Mary Swoboda for Margie Benson, Secretary. =^..^= Approved by NMCV Board 4/22/2013.