North Mason Community Voice

Board: Linnie Griffin, Greg Waggett, Lee Swoboda, Jack Kimball, Ken VanBuskirk, Kaye Massie, Jim Clark, Valerie McLeod

Directors not present: Judy Scott, Bonnie Pope, Margie Benson

Audience: 23

The business meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Linnie Griffin, with a quorum of the Board present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said. Afterward, everyone introduced themselves.

Secretary's Report – Lee Swoboda

• Approval of March 26 meeting minutes.

Greg moved to approve the minutes, as distributed via email. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report - Jack Kimball

• All bills are paid and there is $1,750.74 in the bank account.

Public Information Officer (PIO) Report – Randy Neatherlin

• Habitat for Humanity is about to receive a donation of land on the North Shore for its first home construction in North Mason.

• The Port of Allyn has pledged $2,500 for a North Mason trail.

Other Board Business

• Communication: Received a thank you from Faith in Action for the donation from the NMCV last month.


New business

• Lapel pins. Linnie asked if members were interested in ordering 100 1” x 7/8” soft enamel lapel pins with the NMCV logo, which includes an 8 mm post and butterfly clutch. The total cost would be $286.00. After discussion and only limited interest, no motion was made to approve.

• A motion was made to have a spaghetti dinner and social, starting at 6 PM, as part of the annual meeting in May, with the Job’s Daughters to help serve the dinner, paying them $100 for their services. The motion was seconded and approved.

• The chair appointed a nominating committee consisting of Greg Waggett, Randy Neatherlin and Pat Loudin to solicit Board candidates for the annual meeting in May. The following board members’ terms expire in 2012: Jim Clark (District 1), Jack Kimball (District 4), Valerie McLeod (at large), Ken VanBuskirk (District 3), Greg Waggett (at large)

Upcoming meetings or reports of meetings attended by members:

• DNR cleanup of Tahuya last weekend.

• NM Chamber of Commerce had a Belfair cleanup day last weekend, with 63 people participating.

• Belfair Masonic Lodge had a large turnout for their 61st annual Easter dinner.

• Belfair Water District meetings have been very nice to attend.

• April 24: Hospital District 2 meeting at 7:00 pm.

• April 24: PUD 3 meeting in their new building on Johns Prairie Road. Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday starting at 10:00 am. PUD 2 has two meeting rooms for the public to use; each holds 125 people.

• May 12: Open house at the North Mason County Resource Center.

GUEST SPEAKER: Steve Fuchs (pronounced “Fox”), Project Manager for the WSDOT SR 3 Belfair area widening & safety improvements project

The project is expected to begin in the late summer of 2013 and could continue into the summer of 2015 before completion.

WSDOT intends to consolidate driveways along the affected area to provide more safety. Sidewalks will run along both sides of the completed highway from Sweetwater Creek north. The extra space for the widened highway will be along the west side because planners decided that would be least disruptive to businesses and mean lower construction costs. The speed limit will stay at 35 MPH. The State Legislature has approved $18 million for Stage 1 of the project—1.72 miles from Sweetwater Creek to Ridge Point Blvd. Stage 2 from Sweetwater Creek south (.45 miles) is not funded at this time.

There was good discussion and many questions were asked…and answered.

For more information on the SR 3 project: wsdot.wa.gov/projects/sr3/belfairimprovements/

For the Good of the Order

• A motion was made to change the May meeting from the fourth Monday (May 28) to May 21 because of the Memorial Day weekend. The motion was seconded and approved.

Next meeting Monday, May 21 at 6 PM. Annual meeting, spaghetti dinner and social.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Submitted by Lee Swoboda, Secretary. Approved by NMCV board 5/21/2012.