February 15, 2010

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Lee Swoboda, Chair.

Board of Directors present: Lee Swoboda, Jack Kimball, Judy Scott, Margie Benson, Kaye Massie, Linnie Griffin, Randy Neatherlin, Ken VanBuskirk, Jim Clark

Directors not present: Ralph Lartz, Jacquelyn Mastel

Attendees: 25

The Pledge of Allegiance was said and everyone introduced themselves.


Secretary's Report-Linnie Griffin

o After the minutes of the January 18 meeting were summarized, Judy moved to accept the minutes. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer's Report-Jack Kimball

o All bills are paid and there is $1,231.91 in the account, with 35 paid 2010 members. A reminder will be sent to 2009 members to renew their membership. Judy moved to accept the report; the motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

PIO Report-Ken VanBuskirk

o The county is still studying the impact of fixing the Lower Elfendahl Pass Road.

o Ken met with Rep. Fred Finn (D-35th District).

o WSDOT has a web site regarding the Belfair Bypass. There is also an online survey where people can express their opinions about 35th District priorities at www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/SR3/BelfairBypass/.

o There will be a townhall meeting at the NM High School regarding the Belfair Bypass on March 17 from 4-7 pm. Comments will also be taken at that time. WSDOT must report their findings back to the Legislature by June.

o Ken was selected to be on a panel to evaluate Belfair bypass alternatives for the Legislature.

A full PIO report is attached to these minutes.

GUEST SPEAKER-Joel Myer, Public Information Officer of PUD 3

Tom Farmer, one of three PUD 3 commissioners, introduced Mr. Myer.

o There are 29 Public Utility Districts in Washington State. Mason County is the ONLY county in the state with two PUD districts: PUD 1 (the oldest in the state) and PUD 3 (which is 71 years old).

o PUD 3 covers 600 square miles, has 11 substations (4 in North Mason) and 33,000 customers.

o PUD 3's budget this year is $55.4 million.

o Most of PUD 3's power comes from the Bonneville Power Administration

o Twenty percent of PUD 3's electrical costs go to fish & wildlife.

o There will be no rate increase to customers this year.

o Although new connections are down, there are 30 more connections this January compared to January 2009.

o PUD 3 is committed to conservation efforts so more power plants won't have to be built.

o Washington has the cleanest energy source in the world, with 30% less fossil fuel emissions than the rest of the country.

o The plans for PUD 3's new building complex on Johns Prairie Road have been in the works for 15 years. Johns Prairie is an industrial area. PUD 3 would be able to consolidate their services while keeping a customer service office open in downtown Shelton. The new facility will not raise customers' rates as there is sufficient debt service built into the current rate to cover the cost.

o Along SR 3 in Belfair, 40 power poles will have to be moved (some only a few inches) at a cost of about $1.5 million. Because the service will change as a result of the realignment, customers will also incur charges when the poles are moved.




Linnie announced there will be a spaghetti dinner and auction at the April 19 Voice meeting. The dinner will be by donation ($4 is suggested). It will be a mostly social event with a short business meeting but no scheduled speaker. If people have items they would like to donate for the auction, call Linnie at 275-3770 or email nmcommunityvoice@yahoo.com. Members are encouraged to invite their friends and neighbors.

The next meeting will be Monday, February 15. A Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 PM

Submitted by Linnie Griffin, Secretary. Approved by NMCV Board 3/15/2010.

North Mason Community Voice
PIO report for February 15, 2010
Ken VanBuskirk

Meetings I have attended:

o Planning advisory commission meeting on January 25th

o LTAC meeting on the 26th, group is now chaired by Commissioner Gallagher; many of you perhaps received a recent email from the chamber suggesting that the VIC might close and that the funding for tourism dollars is at risk. I think that email is misleading.

o Cleanup on the Cascade property on the 30th, very wet and not good attendance.

o County Commissioner meeting February 2nd, did not accept Belfair Water District's Romance Hill annexation.

o Been working on a presentation to the TIPCap committee on the Lower Effendahl pass road. The county is still studying the impacts of reconstruction.

o Belfair Water District meeting February 9th.

o County Commissioner special meeting, February 12th, in which they approved a resolution to accept amendments to loans regarding the Belfair sewer. As staff described it as basically to get more money as they are running into some "uncertainities of construction along SR3, utility conflicts, ground water and such. Have one change order already as they have had to bring in different equipment to deal with extra layers of pavement. I can hear the construction noise at my house.

There is a County Commissioner meeting tomorrow. There are several things on the agenda, contract with company to provide assistance to folks for the side sewer connections here in Belfair, and discussion about the LTAC grants.

Most importantly, Representative Finn and our legislators have been at work. Please visit the website, http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/SR3/BelfairBypass/ and take the survey. There will also be a town hall meeting on March 17th from 4-7 PM at the NM high school.

I talked with Representative Finn this AM and he said the best way to help is fill out the survey, and attend the town hall meeting.