OCTOBER 19, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by Lee Swoboda, Chair.

Board of Directors present: Lee Swoboda, Jack Kimball, Margie Benson, Jacquelyn Mastel, Kaye Massie, Judy Scott, Randy Neatherlin, Ken VanBuskirk

Directors not present: Ralph Lartz, Linnie Griffin, Jim Clark

Attendees: 32

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


A summary of the minutes of the September 21 meeting was read aloud and a motion was made by Judy to accept the minutes. The Motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer's Report:

Jack Kimball reported that all bills are paid and there is $994.26 in the account.

PIO Report:

Ken VanBuskirk reported that the Sandhill transfer station is closed on Sundays and Mondays. The League of Women Voters has had meetings on the Mason County budget process. The Mason County commissioners met in Belfair last month and there were very few folks who showed up. There was a ceremonial ground-breaking of the sewer project last week. The NM Chamber announced it supports a bypass as its third priority. The Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group has applied for a grant to breach the Theler dikes.

The full PIO report is attached to these minutes.

Randy said there is an opportunity for the Voice group to sponsor a fundraiser and asked attendees for suggestions of a group to sponsor.

The business meeting was adjourned at 7:12 PM.


After attendees introduced themselves, political candidates in attendance were given the opportunity to speak. The Chair reminded everyone to be respectful and civil.

Peggy VanBuskirk (Mason County Public Hospital District 2, Position 3). A life-long resident of Belfair, she believes health care is very important and likes the improvements that have already been made. The position is a 6-year term. She is running unopposed.

Judy Scott (Port of Allyn, District 1): She is a life-long resident of North Mason. The Port of Allyn was formed in 1921 and is one of 75 ports in Washington State. One of her goals would be to bring light industrial jobs to the area. The position is a 6-year term. She is running unopposed.

Denny Hamilton (Fire District 2, Position 5): He has been a commissioner for 2 years. He has experience in emergency management. In January the fire district is starting a 12-month program to help the community be better prepared for disasters. A North Mason Disaster Survival Fair is planned for January 16 at Theler Center. The position is a 6-year term. He is running unopposed.

Mike Pope (Belfair Water District, Position 1): He has lived here his whole life. Believes the water district belongs to the ratepayers. The position is a 6-year term. His opponent is Irene Werdall.

John Pate (Fire District 8, Position 2): He believes the people have been intimidated into not going to meetings or running for office. He said he will not be intimidated. The position is a 6-year term. His opponent is Daniel K. Kewish.

Bev Voss-Petredis (Fire District 8, Position 1): She said commissioners have a fiduciary responsibility to be accountable for taxpayer money. The position is a 6-year term. Her opponent is Tom Wampold.

Candidates who were invited but did not attend: Doug Stevens (Port of Dewatto, District 2), Mike Gaudio (NM School District, position 5), Dan Burrus (Fire District 2, position 1), Tommy O. Taylor (Fire District 5, Position 2), Tom Wampold (Fire District 8, position 1), Daniel K. Kewish (Fire District 8, position 2), Irene Werdall (Belfair Water District, position 1), Donald R. Husted (Maggie Lake Water District, position 1), Robert K. Sample (Maggie Lake Water District, position 3), Anthony T. Butler and Darrin Klein (Tahuya River Valley Water District, position 2), Douglas E. Doll (Trails End Water District, position 2).




Monna Haugen spoke briefly about the Food for Kids Backpack Program (to help stop weekend hunger). She will be one of the guest speakers at the November 16 Voice meeting.

Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury will also be a guest speaker at the November 16 Voice meeting.

The Chair reminded that people can renew their memberships starting now. New memberships will include the last two months of 2009 and all of 2010. All memberships will receive an NMCV shopping bag until the bags are gone.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Randy Neatherlin. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 P.M.

Submitted by Linnie Griffin, Secretary. Approved by NMCV Board 11/16/2009.



By Ken VanBuskirk


In a 20-minute time frame on Sunday I saw three different trucks loaded with garbage drive up to the transfer station on Sandhill Road only to return. We need to help get the word out. The station is not open on Sunday.

Attended the League of Women Voters meeting at the NM library about the Mason County budget process. Very informative!

Attended the Mason County Commissioners' 5th Tuesday meeting in Belfair. Need to get more people to come to meetings; we had asked Commissioners to come to the north end and we need more attendance. There was discussion about roads, specifically the lower Elfendahl Pass Road, state survey for Newkirk Road and Belfair sewer. Frank Kenny with the NM Chamber of Commerce raised concerns about the Belfair sign ordinance and non-compliance by businesses along highway 3.

Attended Lower Hood Canal Watershed Coalition meeting where attendees received an update from the Department of Ecology on status of Union River.

Attended ceremonial ground-breaking for sewer in Belfair. Mostly elected officials and business owners. In my opinion there were more county employees there than residents of the Belfair UGA. Pleased to hear Mike Boyle of the NM Chamber say that the chamber supports the bypass and we all need to come together to make it happen.

The Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group has applied for a $130,000 grant, with the end goal of breaching NM School District/Theler dikes to flood agricultural fields. The Department of Fish and Wildlife is researching with the Attorney General's office to see if this is legal.


Belfair Water District meeting October 20 at 7 PM.

Planning advisory public hearing October 26 at 6 PM, Commissioner Chambers, Shelton.

Agenda includes two rezones in Union River Valley and one hearing about a three-mile trail plan from Allyn to Coulter Creek.

County Commissioner public hearing on November 3 at 9:30 AM regarding future roads in the Belfair UGA.

Hood Canal Coordinating Council annual awards ceremony November 6 at 10 AM at Alderbrook.