SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM by Lee Swoboda, Chair.

Board of Directors present: Lee Swoboda, Ralph Lartz, Jack Kimball, Linnie Griffin, Margie Benson, Jacquelyn Mastel, Kaye Massie, Judy Scott, Randy Neatherlin, Ken VanBuskirk (late—attending county meeting)

Directors not present: Jim Clark

Attendees: 35

The Pledge of Allegiance was said and attendees introduced themselves.


The minutes of the August 17 meeting were read aloud and a motion was made by Judy to accept the minutes as read. The Motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer's Report:

Jack Kimball reported that transfer of treasurer responsibilities has been completed. Additional checks were ordered and upon receipt the check sequence number jumped from #280 to #401. There is $995.31 in the checking account and all bills have been paid.

PIO Report:

Lee reported for Ken, who was at a Planning Advisory Commission meeting in Shelton.

• The citizens group in Allyn is still collecting signatures for their petition to request Allyn be removed from Mason County Public Hospital District #1.

• The Belfair Water District is having a public hearing regarding annexing the Riverhill Park project site on Tuesday, September 29 starting at 1 PM at the water district office.

The full PIO report is attached to these minutes.

Lee reported that the Mason Transit Authority has convened a citizens committee to look into a park and ride facility in North Mason (Lee is a member of the committee).

The business meeting was adjourned at 7:19 PM.


Emmett Dobey, Mason County's Utilities and Waste Director, gave an update on the Belfair Sewer project.

• Mason County will be awarding contracts for sewer construction Tuesday; one for the conveyance system (burying pipes) and one for the treatment plant, for a total of $22 million.

• This project will bring $200,000 to $300,000 in sales tax to Mason County.

• Mason County has secured $31 million in grants for this project. The federal government is paying 90% of the cost and local fees will pay the remainder.

• Initially there will be 300-500 connections. The treatment facility is modular, which will accommodate growth and make future construction cheaper.

• The system is new technology – Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) – which will produce Class A reclaimed water.

• A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 2 PM October 12 at the Belfair Assembly of God church, site of one of four pump stations.

• The biggest concern is cost per month to users. The goal is to keep the monthly rate around $86-$100.

• Construction should be completed sometime in 2012. The priority is to keep at least one lane of road open during construction.

• All residences and businesses within 500 feet of the sewer line will be mandated to hook up. The average hookup fee, including a system development charge and conversion cost (which includes decommissioning septic tanks) will be about $6,000. Adding a grinder pump (to pump sewage uphill) will be an additional charge.

• Within the next year all property owners in the Belfair Urban Growth Area will be contacted to discuss specific details related to their own property.

• Stormwater improvements will be made as the sewer project progresses.

There were many questions asked by the audience and much discussion.


The candidates' forum committee presented a plan to have a "Dessert Social" at the October 19 meeting starting at 6:30 PM, with all North Mason candidates invited to socialize with the community. There would be an abbreviated business meeting and candidates would have an opportunity to talk about their plans and objectives. The public would be encouraged to attend. There was discussion, including changing the title to "Candidates Social."

Randy moved to have a "Candidates Social" followed by an abbreviated business meeting, continuing the Social afterwards. The Motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.




The League of Women Voters is hosting a community meeting about the Mason County budget process at Belfair's Timberland Library on Monday, September 28 starting at 7 PM.

The Mason County Commissioners have their 5th Tuesday meeting at the North Mason School District board room on Tuesday, September 29 starting at 6 PM.

Sheriff Casey Salisbury will be the guest speaker at the November 16 North Mason Community Voice meeting.


Margie reported that the "McTakeover" at the Belfair McDonalds was very successful for the Tahuya River Valley association. She promoted the Voice group during the event and signed one new membership.

Harry "Sgt. Rock" Tachell reported that a North Mason Veterans Service Office is opening at the North Mason Chamber of Commerce office. It will be staffed on the 4th Wednesday of each month beginning September 23 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

The 2009 Fall STAND DOWN for veterans and their families is Saturday, October 10 from 10 AM to 3 PM at Presidents Hall, Kitsap County Fairgrounds.

A Motion to adjourn was made by Randy Neatherlin. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously by voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Submitted by Linnie Griffin, Secretary. Approved by NMCV Board 10/19/2009.


PIO report for Sept. 21, 2009

Ken VanBuskirk, Public Information Officer

Attended hearing of Mason County hearings examiner and received his ruling on the "special use" permit for the PNWSC on the Johnson Farm.

Facilitating Lynette George of the Blue Star program to bring program to North Mason County passed a proclamation in 2005 that might apply.

Attended regular Panel meeting, September 9, 2009, of the Transportation Improvement Program Citizen Advisory Panel (aka TIP-CAP), where we made a motion to address a possible Levy Shift to help the County's budgeting process. A motion was moved and seconded and all Panel members were in favor. The motion passed and reads as follows:

"The Transportation Improvement Program Citizen Advisory Panel (TIP-CAP) recommends to the Mason County Commissioners that in the event that a levy shift process is utilized, that it does not exceed $1,000,000.00."

This was presented at the county Commissioners meeting on the 15th that I attended.

In researching candidates and issues for our forum in October, the Mason County auditor told me that the citizens group in Allyn that was collecting petition signatures to redefine Public Hospital District 2 did not submit petitions in August as was reported to be deadline. Talked to Mr. Boyle and was told they are collecting more signatures and will submit later. Plan to have Mr. Boyle and a representative of PHD 1 as speakers this winter.

League of Women Voters Mason County are hosting a community meeting about the Mason County Budget process here at the library, next Monday, September 28, 7 PM. They have also provided the draft Mason County Commissioner's budget briefing agenda for Monday, October 5. They have also provided "They represent you!", a guide to officials elected by the Citizens of Mason County. (Public Hospital District 2 Commissioners were inadvertently left off)

Belfair Water District is having a public hearing at the Belfair Water District office September 29th, at 1:00 pm. This is a hearing on annexation of the 45 acre, 129 unit, Riverhill Park project site. The water district agreed to supply water to this subdivision last year.