SEPTEMBER 15, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:03 P.M. by Lee Swoboda.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed.

Board of Directors present: Lee Swoboda, Ken VanBuskirk, Margie Benson, Ralph Lartz, Jack Kimball, Randy Neatherlin, Jacquelyn Mastel and Bruce Jackson.

Absent: Kaye Massie, Judy Scott and Jim Clark.


The draft minutes of the August 18, 2008 were read.

A Motion was made by Randy Neatherlin and second by Margie Benson to accept the minutes as read. The Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Treasurerís Report:

Jim Clark was absent and Lee Swoboda said we have the same balance of $1206.75 in the Bank and a bill for the Theler Center rent of $38.50.

Public Information Officer Ralph Lartz would like us to join the Allyn Community Association.

A Motion was made to join the ACA by Ken VanBuskirk and second by Randy Neatherlin. The Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

A discussion followed by Margie Benson on Promotional material for the NMCV.

It was decided that Mary Swoboda and Margie Benson should get together with a Promotional outfit and get prices for a package to promote NMCV.

Lee Swoboda reported we need to file the Nonprofit Corporation Annual Report with the Secretary of State.

A Motion was made by Ken VanBuskirk and second by Ray Stutz to file this report and pay the $10 filing fee. The motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

The Business meeting was adjourned at 7:18 P.M.


David Peterson, Superintendent of the North Mason School District, gave an excellent talk on the need for School Levy and Bond issue.

Mr. Peterson had a excellent Power Point presentation that went over the Vision and Strategic plan to meet future needs. He showed how to develop and maintain the Focus for the needed improvements for our schools.

Renewal of the current Levy to $1.71 per thousand valuation, will allow the funding to extended technology replacement cycle and a new textbooks and instructional materials to be purchased. The current Levy is now $1.64 per thousand valuation.

The $56 Million Capital Facilities Bond would allow a new Middle School, repairs and improvements to existing classrooms and the replacement and upgrade to existing core systems.

Much discussion and comments followed on the proposed High School improvements and the new Hawkins Middle School.

The next order of business was a report by Jack Kimball on the review of the Treasurerís books. Jim Clark, Kaye Massie and Jack Kimball reviewed all deposits and checks paid out and said the books balance and are in good shape.

A Motion was made to approve the Financial review was made by Randy Neatherlin and second by Margie Benson. The Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

It was mentioned that we need to have a Financial review every two years or when we change the office of Treasurer.

Lee Swoboda will send an Email to the County Commissioners that says we the North Mason Community Voice endorse the application of Ken VanBuskirk to the Belfair Future Roads Map Advisory Group.

Randy Neatherlin handed out cards for people to volunteer time or money to support the school Levy.


Tom Farmer, candidate for PUD District #3 Commissioner, introduced himself.

A Motion to Adjourn was made by Randy Neatherlin and second by Ray Stutz. Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:43 P.M.

Submitted by Bruce Jackson. Approved by NMCV Board 10/20/2008.