January 21, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:02 P.M. by President Randy Neatherlin

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed.

Board of Directors Present: Randy Neatherlin, Jim Clark, Margie Benson, Kay Massie, Judy Scott, Lee Swododa, Ralph Lartz, Jacquelyn Mastel and Bruce Jackson

Absent: Bev Wendell and Brooke Quigley

Attendees: 28


Minutes of the November 19, 2007 were read and a motion was made by Judy Scott and second by Kay Massie, to accept the minutes as read. The motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Treasurer's Report:

Jim Clark reports we have $981.50 in the checking account after the bills were payed with one outstanding bill from the Theler Center for $35.00.

A motion was made by Ralph Lartz and second by Jacquelyn Mastel to accept the Treasurer's report. The motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

A General Discussion followed on the need for a membership drive and an update on the Communications Committee schedule.

Fire District #2 was thanked for the excellent job Beau Bakken and crew did on the Storm Management.


We need ideas to focus on for new Forums for 2008. These could include the Belfair Bypass, Belfair Sewer, Allyn Aquatic Center and how to attract new Businesses.

Membership dues are due this month.


Hannelore Stuart, from Mason/Thurston Community Land Trust, informed us on the progress of their group for Affordable Housing.

On February 23, 2008, from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. at the Eagles Landing Hotel in Olympia, will be a presentation on how to Grow a Non-Profit Organization. This will be put on by Ellen Nelson and her phone # is 360-493-2230 ext. #24.

Beau Bakken, Fire Chief for District #2 gave an excellent power point presentation on the December Storm of 2007. He had excellent pictures of the storm damage and showed how the response changed as he and his crew learned how bad things were in the North Mason area.

Many bridges and roads were out and a few people had to be rescued from the water. Beau gives a special Thank You to the Theler Center for their help they gave to the Community.


Ray Stutz made a motion to donate $100 to the Theler Center to help with the expenses from the FEMA Emergency Center expenses. The motion was second by Jim Clark.

After a discussion, the motion was amended by Mr. Stutz to make the donation $200 and motion was second by Jim Clark. The motion passed unanimous by voice vote.

A motion was made by Margie Benson, to let Mary Swoboda have a key to our P.O. Box 1056. Motion was second by Judy Scott. Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

A motion to have a NMCV Shindig in early April or late March made by Kaye Massie and second by Judy Scott. The motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Linnie Griffin volunteered to be the chair person for this event.

The Theler Center Board has new Board members and we gave a round of thanks to Mary Swoboda and Linnie Griffin for their service in this position last year.

Forum Ideas

Ken VanBuskirk was touring the local area with the Engineering firm designing the Belfair Sewer Project and he said it was very difficult to get back on Highway #3. He thinks we should have a forum on the Belfair Bypass as we need that now, not later.

A motion to adjourn was made by Judy Scott and second by Ralph Lartz. The motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 P.M.

Submitted by Bruce Jackson. Approved by NMCV Board 2/18/2007.