November 19, 2007

Meeting called to order at 7:01 P.M. by President Randy Neatherlin.

The pledge of Allegiance to the Flag followed.

Board of Directors Present: Randy Neatherlin, Bev Wendell, Margie Benson, Kaye Massie, Judy Scott, Lee Swoboda, Ralph Lartz, Brooke Quigley, Jacquelyn Mastel, and Bruce Jackson.

Absent: Jim Clark

Attendees: 25


Minutes of the September 17, 2007 meeting were read and a motion to approve them as read made by Judy Scott and second by Ralph Lartz. Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Treasurerís Report:

Jim Clark was absent, but he forwarded the checking account has $1066.50 as a balance.


Margie Benson reports that new members are the focus and they are proposing E-mailing requests to join our group.

Mary Swoboda has our new NMCV banner at her house.


Herb Gerhardt reports 84% of the voters approved Public Hospital District #2. The County Commissioners will vote to approve the election on November 27, 2007.

When the vote is approved, the newly elected Commissioners of Hospital District #2 will meet and set up their operating procedures. They will keep the public informed on the progress as it happens.

Congratulations to the newly elected people from the NMCV:

HPD #2 are Kaye Massie, Brooke Quigley, Bev Wendell, Ray Stutz and Herb Gerhardt.

John Campbell was elected to Position #4 on the School Board.

Judy Scott elected as a Port of Allyn Commissioner.


Hannelore Stewart presented a talk on Affordable Housing in Mason County. They need any help people can donate to build more affordable housing in the area. The areas outside of a UGA are only allowed one house per 5 acres and they would like to change this.

Beau Bakken, Fire Chief for District #2 reported on a large fire they had on the South Shore. It was a very intense fire and they were able to save both houses on the side of the burning one.

The other fire he reported on was set by a juvenile in three places in the house. The Fire Department was able to save the house and the insurance has rebuilt it.

There is a Juvenile Fire Prevention Program to help cure these kids of their problems.

Turkey deep-fat fryers are very dangerous and need to be used outside on the ground. Keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times while using these and do not place them in a garage or on your deck.

Always get a fresh Christmas tree and keep it watered. Do not use more than three strings of lights per circuit to keep from overloading and causing a fire.

Fire District #2 has a Home Inspection program where they will come to your home for a safety awareness and fall protection plan.

They also have a device they sell for $125 that goes around your neck and will block incoming calls and call 911 if you fall. It will give the name and address of the person over and over until the Fire Department responds.


Our Candidates Forum was a huge success and we received many good complements on the way it was presented.

Derrick Allen will receive a thank you letter and a Starbucks coupon for doing a great job as the moderator.


It is time to think of what issues the NMCV should tackle next year. A discussion followed on the recording of public meetings by a voice recorder. It was mentioned that we should tell everyone before the meeting that they are being recorded.

Ralph Lartz made a motion stating the NMCV should have a person of the year Award.

Second by Ray Stutz and after a short discussion the motion was voted down by unanimous voice vote.

A motion to have the next NMCV meeting on January 21, 2008 was made by Judy Scott and second by Bev Wendell. Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

A motion was made by Bev Wendell, to change the meeting date to January 28, 2008. The motion was second by Ralph Lartz.

After much discussion the motion failed by voice vote, one yes and 24 nay.

A motion to adjourn was made by Bev Wendell and second by Judy Scott. Motion passes unanimous by voice vote.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Submitted by Bruce Jackson. Approved by NMCV Board 1/21/2008.